Two Amazing Reviews

Feedback is greatly appreciated, especially from those who you train. Below you’ll find two recent testimonials that prove that being Elite has its benefits!

Travis is a very compassionate, knowledgeable trainer. He trains the individual, paying attention to their goals and abilities. I have been training with him for a couple months and feel more confident in trying new exercises I never thought I could do. With his experience, I feel confident in saying that whatever your goals are, he can help you reach them. I wasn’t sure if having a trainer would be right for me because my goal wasn’t to “get a wash board stomach”. I was having problems with my shoulder, hip and ankle. He has worked around that , while at the same time eased the discomfort in those areas. And the big plus is I am losing inches and gaining strength. No matter what level of training you need, I believe Travis can help you. I feel blessed to have found him.


I’ve only been working with Travis for a few weeks but it’s amazing how much better I feel. His workouts are designed to help with balance, stamina, toning and strength. He’s very knowledgeable about training and he certainly loves to help others reach their goals. I would highly recommend Travis as a trainer for anyone, whether a beginner or someone who regularly exercises, he will offer programs to help you to be your best.

When you’re ready to train with the Elite, please reach out to me at one of the options below. If you’ve read these testimonials (thank you!) then you are obviously as excited as I am to make a lifestyle change.
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Planes and Med Balls (I hate one but love the other)

I hope you’re all doing well and working on bettering yourself every single day. It’s definitely more of a marathon than a sprint, so resist the urge to be discouraged by small set-backs that you may experience along this amazing journey. Following the “Kaizen” approach, the largest results (and in my eyes, the most worth-while) come from MANY small improvements each day, whether that be little improvements in your diets or simply learning more about fitness. We can all continue to improve our overall health even if our literal exercise falters every once in a while. If nothing else, everything we do whether accompanied by success or failure, we can learn more about ourselves and grow to appreciate we are.
Now, to the topic at hand. I’m going to start this post fairly simple and progress from there much like we would in our exercise programs. Bear with me!
Human movement lands in one of (or a combination of) three “planes”: sagital, frontal, and transverse.
-Sagital: forward/backwards
-Frontal: side-to-side
-Transverse: rotational
To better understand movement, we must first understand what these planes mean. Even more important, though, is knowing that we need to incorporate all three planes of motions into our exercise routines to be considered well-rounded. If we stick strictly to one plane of motion, with an example being sagital (cycling), our bodies adapt and slowly start to turn off the motor control and the need to maintain muscle tone since they aren’t needed.
Now, to the fun stuff! If you have ever used a medicine ball then you will understand how incredibly simple yet challenging they can be as an implement and why they are one of my favorite to incorporate into every program (if possible, of course). I’m going to show you three exercises that will use all three planes of motion and hopefully give you some motivation to try them yourself or experiment with other variations.
#1: Squat to Chest Pass
This one will work your glutes, quads, hamstrings, as well as your upper body pushing musculature (pecs, shoulders, triceps). It’s mainly a sagital plane motion since you will stay centered and will avoid any side-to-side movements (hopefully!).
#2: Rotational Throw
Falling mainly into the transverse plane category, we can assume that this exercise features some sort of core musculature involvement. This will be the muscles that surround our hips (glutes, hamstrings, and quads again) as well as those that help to rotate our trunk (abdominals and obliques).
 #3: Overhead Side Bends
Finding and implementing a frontal-plane exercise (medicine ball or not) is tough because it is strictly lateral movement. With that said, we need something that takes out both forward/backward and rotational movements. Thats’s where the side bend comes into play, where you should benefit from the core muscles being used as you bring the side of your rib cage down towards your hip socket, then reverse the movement and stand up tall. It’s a very simple and basic exercise and will be a great addition to your workout program.

Why the last rep is the most important. 

I say this with every client: “Finish strong.” 

This is the mantra that I love to in grain in their minds because it gives them that last psychological boost that they need to complete the task. But what if we are doing, say, twelve repetitions and the set goes to crap? Stop. Just stop right there. 

Before the ego kicks in and we rep out six kipping squats (not a real thing…hopefully!) we need to realize something: quality always trumps quantity. That final repetition in each set will be imprinted in our brains for the future sets, good or bad. So why make it of poor quality and sacrifice your body? To finish a stupid set? Please. Cut the BS and do things right. 

Take the deadlift for example. If we were going to be doing a set of three reps, each time that bar is lowered you should maintain a proper spinal alignment and knee/hip/torso angles, but what’s seen too often is the maligned drop at the end. Why not just control the movement back to the ground? Oh, it’s too tough to set it back down? Really? You just picked the thing off the ground. 

That last repetition is going to hopefully be setting you up for success down the road. Don’t sacrifice your body and your future by solidifying poor movement patterns. Do things right and you’ll be rewarded. Do things wrong and you’ll be rewarded too, or maybe that’s just the physical therapists that will be treating you. 

I’ll get off my soapbox now. If you need anything from exercise programs to just chit-chat, email me at or call/text me at 6157777675. 

Is rain keeping you from going outdoors? Try this!

If you’re like many people who enjoy exercising outside during the summer months, it will really put a damper on those plans when the torrential downpours of June and July keep you inside.

But before you cancel your workout completely, give this workout a try!

3 Rounds
-Squats (to couch or chair) 30-45 seconds
-Plank 30-45 seconds
-Squat Jumps 30-45 seconds

3 Rounds
-Alternating Lunges 30-45 seconds
-Side Plank 30-45 seconds
-Mountain Climbers 30-45 seconds

3 Rounds
-Wall Sit 30-45 seconds
-Seated Ab Twists (“Russian twists”) 30-45 seconds
-Running in Place 30-45 seconds

If you want something tougher, need a progression/regression for a specific exercise, or want to learn more about online exercise programs, please comment below or e-mail me at! You can also reach me at (615) 777-7675 (call or text).






Would you hire a “fat” trainer? 

Now that I have your attention, I’m going to rant a bit. 

Fitness and exercise make up one of the largest industries in the world, and for good reason. Being healthy is extremely expensive, from supplements to proper nutrition to gym costs. If all that is going well, and you’re looking to take your fitness to the next level, then the obvious next step would be to hire a qualified trainer. But who? Someone shredded? Eh, it’s time for some brutal honesty. 

I’m 15% body fat, void of the perfect body, BUT I care about you. Would that be enough to hire me? Or would you rather pay all your hard-earned money to that Instagram “health coach” with good genetics, a visible 8-pack, and zero experience actually coaching clients? That’s where the problem lies. 

Our fitness community is far too saturated with people claiming to have the secret formula to becoming fit, and the truth is that there isn’t one certain way. Sure, he/she may look amazing with their shirt off but do they care about you? Do they have your best interest in mind or do they just want to pad their uneducated pockets?

Before you brush aside the idea of training with someone imperfect, consider this: do you truly understand what’s going on in their life? Maybe they have a thyroid issue, causing them to either put on fat or prevent them from losing it. Maybe they’re extremely stressed and their cortisol is through the roof. 

When it comes to trainers, the old adage of “don’t judge a book by its cover” holds true. That person who doesn’t look perfect may have the perfect answer for you. 

I’m not perfect (unfortunately) but I’m OK with that. My goal is to help as many people as I can in creating their best bodies and create a healthier lifestyle. If you want that support, direction, and accountability then please feel free to email me at or complete the form at

5 Must-Have Fitness Products

The exercise world has an endless flow of new products but there are definitely a few that are musts. Sure, this list I’ll share with you is only five items. Let me help  you try to cut through all the clutter.

Disclaimer: these links are through Amazon and I’ll receive a little bit of commission from your purchases. I’d never share your info!

#1 Mini Bands

These small, looped resistance bands are great for doing resisted walks to target the hip muscles, or for wrapping around your wrists to use with a bench press. Plus they’re cheap!

#2 Exercise Ball

Many of you have these already so dust them off and put them to use! Exercise/stability balls are beneficial when used for core variations (rollouts, stir-the-pot, etc.) as well as upper body and lower body movements. You can even use them as a chair at your desk!

#3 Loop Resistance Bands

A complete workout can be used with just these bands. They’ll help make pull-ups easier, toughen your push-ups and bench press, and make workouts fun again

I tend to incorporate these in almost every training session (my own as well as with clients) because they’re too dang good!

#4 Yoga/Workout Mat

Gym floors are nasty. Put down a barrier between you and that flooring and make exercises more comfortable and enjoyable.

Performing ground-based exercises is BRUTAL if your bones are being pressed into hardwood. Make them better with your own yoga mat.

#5 Medicine Ball

Like the resistance bands above, a medicine ball is extremely versatile. I especially enjoy them for abdominal twists and walking lunges.


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“Dying Bugs” or “Dead Bugs”? It’s your choice!

We live in a world where exercise is always progressing and changing. This is just as true when it comes to abdominal training.

The current school of thought is that flexion (rounding) in the low back during exercise is a no-no. As trainers, we now opt for planks and pillars over sit-ups and crunches simply to avoid that movement in the lumbar spine. But one exercise that is both lesser-known and underutilized is the “dead bug”.

Yes, the name is off-putting. How can a bug be dead and be moving? That’s where the more appropriate name of “dying bug” comes into play.

OK, enough rambling! This core stability exercise is extremely challenging but effective at recruiting the abdominal muscles and promoting shoulder/hip mobility. To start, lie on your back (first picture…back with normal/rounded curve) and push your lower back into the floor (second picture…neutral).

From here, keep your back pushed into the floor and lift your feet up.

Maintain that abdominal contraction (back into floor) and bring one arm overhead while pushing the opposite leg out.

For this movement to be done correctly, you must keep the abs tight. It won’t be easy, or coordinated at first, but it’s one of the best exercises you can do to save your back!