Halloween Scare-The-Fat

Are you a mother who still carries that pesky baby-weight, struggling to find the motivation to exercise, and need the correct direction with your routines?

Join our 28-day program “Halloween Scare-The-Fat”!


  • Four days of perfect gym-based workouts ($199 value)
  • Two bonus days: One bodyweight workout and one glute workout ($99 value)
  • Free e-book “Nutrition Made Simple” including a sample meal plan ($49 value)
  • Private Facebook group to discuss accomplishments ($30 value)
  • Direction, support, and accountability (Priceless!)


Maybe you’ve gained more weight than you had wanted (and kept it, unfortunately) and need it gone. Whether you want to look better, feel sexier for your spouse, or feel like you did before pregnancy, this program is perfect for you.

Beginning October 3rd and ending on Halloween, you’ll push towards having a healthy body that you’ll be proud of sporting in that costume you have your eye on.

Each day of workouts is created with the goal of helping you lose the weight that you need to. It’s that simple; just follow the plan.

But wait, there’s more!


Oh, did I forget to mention the prize (other than burning fat, of course)?  Complete these goals and win $250:

  • Track and complete all four days of workouts each week
  • Finish all four weeks of training
  • Lose the most weight within the group

If you’re ready to take back your life, lose weight, and compete for an awesome prize, click the link below to sign-up.


An e-mail will be sent to you within 24 hours to create your account and to download the app. This app will be where all workouts are sent and tracked. Easy, right?
*To win $250, there must be at least four people signed-up for the program.*