“I am now fully equipped to tailor my workouts”

“Travis is a well-educated, intuitive, and innovative trainer. He asked great questions in the beginning of our time together to determine where I was at and what my goals were, and walked me through the “whys” of his progressive plan for me. This helped me to understand what I was doing, why I was doing it, …and how I could continue to push myself over time. I am now fully equipped to tailor my workouts based on how much time I have and what I need to accomplish while still training all of my muscle groups. When he moved out of town, he made it possible for me to continue training at home under his guidance while still providing me with the accountability and the extra training I needed. He continued to call me higher and helped me to achieve my goals. I am stronger, more fit, and feel great! I am closer to achieving my goals than I have ever been, and I look forward to continuing my training under Travis’ guidance! Thank you, Travis!”
Kelly (30-50 year-old woman)


“Travis is the real deal.”

“There are two main things I look for in a trainer. (in no particular order) First is knowledge and how to turn that knowledge into actionable advice for someone other than himself. It was apparent that Travis knew what he was talking about and was able to take what he knew and tailor it to me. Second, is genuine passion for seeing others succeed. I can spot a fake, I’ve dealt with many of them. Travis is the real deal. He took time to ask questions about my own knowledge of working out and my experiences. Care was taken to find my limits and level of commitment to the program. With this, he was able to push when needed and knew when to back off. There were numerous times throughout our workout program that I didn’t think I could proceed. He was there to assure me I could. As a result, I have seen gains, physically and mentally that I have not seen in years. It’s difficult to choose a trainer. They all have different styles of training and use varying equipment and facilities. None of these things matter if you don’t find a person with passion for what they are doing. Travis has his passion and applies it to helping others gain what they are looking for. I highly recommend Travis for any training goals that someone may be looking to achieve.”
Erick (30-50 year-old man)


“I’m very happy with how much I have accomplished”

“I really enjoyed working with Travis! It was a great experience, and it helped me improve in the parts I needed to improve on for FC Soccer. Travis was my coach, I was never bored with him! I had a lot of fun, he would always encourage me to do my best, and he would constantly remind me of what my goal is. The music was the funny part, he always tried to make me laugh by dancing to the music. Every day I had great results. My sprints were getting faster and faster everyday. The workout would always be mixed up so it was never the same, and I really like that. Travis always gave me enough time to stretch in the beginning and end. I would definitely recommend working with him! I’m very happy with how much I have accomplished when I left. Thank you Travis!”
Kennedy (18-25 year-old female athlete)


“Travis played an integral part of my success”

“Travis is the man! He worked with me on countless occasions throughout the season. He helped me out with all aspects of my game. The three main things I saw noticeable improvements with were my flexibility, run technique, and strength. He was in the weight room with me every time I was there, constantly focusing on technique and safety. He personally stretched me before games, making sure I was always ready for the first pitch. The improvement to my run technique is greatest improvement I saw while working with Travis. I noticed tremendous speed and quickness improvements. Singles turned into doubles. There is no doubt in my mind that Travis played an integral part of my success playing professional baseball this year.”
Trey (18-25 year-old Major League baseball player)


“My results have surpassed my expectations”

“Travis is a great trainer! My fitness and energy levels have made dramatic improvements over the time I have been training with him. He is very knowledgeable about health and fitness. He encourages me to workout and never skip a session. My results have surpassed my expectations and I’m lucky to train with him! If you are wanting to get in shape, feel better about yourself, and are willing to put in the effort train with Travis!”
Katlyn (18-25 year-old woman)